"Clare, you are catnip... for the universe!"

Mary Corrigan, Creative


"Clare stormed it at Polari in Liverpool - one of the highlights of the tour"

Paul Burston, Polari


I am primarily an artist. It has taken a long time to say this although I have always known it.

Creating is in my blood and has saved my life over and over – transforming feelings, emotions, life stories, wounds and blocks, dreams and ideas into beauty. I believe deeply in the healing power of Creativity.

My work is full of lush goddesses, magic mermaids, sensual sistas and sacred imagery and symbolism and feelings. The process and the way that I paint is very intuitive and I work with many layers till I find something that feels right and begins to tell the story of what is happening for me in my world.


I am passionate about words and my bed is always laden down with books.

My first poetry collection Love Hope and High Heels was published in 2010.

It was shortlisted for The Polari Book Prize for new gay and lesbian writing.


My Deep Delicious Life :

I am deeply down to earth & grounded – with a big dose of creative irreverent spiritual sparkle for good measure.

I live in a little magical coach house in Toxteth, Liverpool – full of colour, art, tiny shrines and fairy lights and two cats Shero Beloved and Betty Kitten.

My shared garden has a magic tree in the garden just like the one I used to read about in the magic faraway tree when I was little and when I get overwhelmed I lie under the tree – this has I believed saved me over and over. I adore the tree.

Wobbly Warrior

I have lived through my own painful depressions, broken hearts and dreams & difficult experiences. I know what it is to be joyful and follow my bliss and also what it feels like to experience much sorrow.

I believe all our experiences & vulnerabilities can shape us into more compassionate human beings, willing to open our hearts & risk a wildly beautiful life.

I don’t have the answers we are all searching for and I don’t know the 5 ways to success to the 7 steps to happiness but I can keep you company on your own quest for these things and create spaces for you to explore within a juicy tribe of other beautiful beings.

Creative Activist

I am commissioned as an experienced arts and health practitioner to develop & deliver innovative projects across the UK and internationally sometimes alongside Public Health and  Clinical Commissioning Groups and sometimes with the support of Arts Council England and others. I don’t work conventionally and like to work outside of systems to bring in something different. I believe our current systems and ways of dealing with people at vulnerable times in their life are outdated and often damaging, The systems are damaging not only to clients and service users but to staff and managers- we need to find new more real ways of being with each other – less us and them and more “community”.




My 20+ years experience as an artist, group facilitator and therapist bring a depth to my journeying with people. I have worked as a creative activist – in mental health, with survivors of sexual abuse, in prisons, schools, hospitals, homeless shelters and with young offenders. I have also worked with senior management, leaders, local government, public health and staff teams across many sectors. I think my own experiences of very wobbly mental health and being vulnerable and unable to work or cope for periods of time add to my ability to work with people and shape new approaches to services.

What I am Working On At The Moment

I would like to say something very clear and inspiring here… but, I think its more realistic to say I am like most of us in transition… attempting to move from one way of being to another!

In my case I am trying to carve out time to paint more and live as a full time artist and pay the bills. I am also at the seed stage of developing a range of clothes and accessories which could take a little time but is a real lifelong passion.

I have just completed a year long apprenticeship with Red School and have begun to share this information and learning within my community. I am as always passionate about helping get the word out to those in marginalised communities and so I am banging the door down and sometimes sloping more subtly in to mental health and youth services speaking out and sharing stories of menstruation and moon magic!


Clare Founded a number of Social Enterprises and Projects

Clare founded some incredible social enterprises including Big Love Sista , Big Love Little Sista ,

Big Love my Brother, Big Love Choir, Wild Woman and many more smaller projects.


Big Love Sista

Big Love Little Sista

Thank you - now we can keep in lovely touch!  Please note the latest info can sometimes be found more quickly on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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