Menstruation 6 Week Circle

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6 Week Course :

17th , 24th, 31st Jan & 7th, 14th, 21st Feb 2017 6.15pm-9pm

Women have immense power and wisdom contained in their bodies and in their menstruation cycles but this power and knowledge has been hidden and disguised as a curse by society and patriarchy for centuries. Women are beginning to reclaim Periods, Menopause and their connection to the moon and these beautiful teachings can be life changing.

“I really didn’t know what to expect but was hugely impacted by the insight and information and the realisation that somewhere in my body i knew this – it was buried under information given to me that was counter intuitive – Reconnecting with my cycle” Kim




This will be a safe sassy magical space for women (16+ with younger girls groups to follow) to explore and learn about the wisdom maps and super powers contained within menstruation which can help us understand our energy, moods and work with our bodies and not against them to harness the magic. All women are welcome and for women who don’t bleed for whatever reason we will be looking at how we can work with other cycles to help us map out our energy within the month.

Week 1 Welcome Opening Teachings and Intention Setting 17th Jan 2017

Week 2 Menarche 24th Jan 2017
Week 3 Diving Deeper into own Maps 31st Jan 2017
Week 4 Working with our Inner Critic 7th Feb 2017

Week 5. The Creative Cycle 14th Feb 2017

Week 6. Writing a new Vision for ourselves 21st Feb 2017

“I am completely amazed how differently i feel about my body, my moods and my own place in the world in a few short hours. Everyone would benefit from understanding how important magical and ridiculously simple this is. A HAPPIER HEALTHIER MORE EMPOWERED ME ! ” Jen

Held at our beautiful inspiring studios in Liverpool City Centre .

£85 for 6 weeks.

Limited Bursaries available for women to pay what they can.

We also welcome donations of sanitary packs for homeless women and the homeless period project. This course can also be delivered in house in organisations or for groups.

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