WWRWW : The Ugly Duckling Creative Workshop


These deeply healing stories represent redemption, belonging, resurrection and renewal. Together we will huddle around the virtual fire and snuggle in to hear the stories anew and begin to see how these magical fairy stories can heal and transform using creativity,journalling, art, sculpture, group work and magic irreverence.




4th Feb – The Ugly Duckling
25th Feb – Seal Skin Soul Skin                                                                                                                                                                   25th March – La Loba
29th May – The Red Shoes
27th May – The Handless Maiden

Clare is an artist, storyteller, poet, therapist and wild irreverant woman who completed a training intensive with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes in facilitator educational training. With her own body of creative healing work over 20+ years in many communities she can offer a divine mix of Dr Estes work and teachings and her own juicy approach. Both Men and Women are welcome on these workshops. The workshops are also valuable continuing professional development for those in Therapeutic Professions & those involved in healing work with people. www.clarebeloved.com www.biglovesista.com

£175 for all 5 workshops or individual workshops @ £45 each

We gift a number of bursary places to people struggling financially

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